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Using our blender reviews and buyers guide you will be able to determine and easily decide which blender is the best for you.

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Our product reviews come together by using information sourced from professional research performed by 3 top authorities.

Those 3 sources are: Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, and CNET.

Why is this so important?

This is good for you the shopper as all of these professional review sites are totally impartial sources.

None of our reviews are influenced by any kind of payments or incentives offered by the brands.

Last thing...

After we've gone over the manufacturer's information, and have compiled the results learned by the professionals, we then study all of the feedback we can collect from real product users.

Often, this means going through hundreds of user reviews.

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Our buyers guide will help you to decide which features or options you would value the most.

There are a lot of brands, models and options to sort through.... so it can seem complicated at first.

We make the process a lot less confusing.

Our blender buyers guide and product reviews help to narrow the playing field.

This makes choosing the best blender for you a whole lot easier.

We start by breaking blenders into 3 main categories. In the next section we highlight which blending qualities are most often important.

Things like: making kitchen tasks easier, cleran-up, counter space considerations and also pricing.

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