10 Best Smoothie Making Tips & Hacks

I’ll admit that on the surface, making smoothies is a pretty simple and straightforward process.

BUT!  If you want to make your smoothies super awesome every time - AND - do so in the easiest possible way... I have some tips and tricks that you need to consider trying.

Coming up, I’ll be sharing 10 of my best smoothie making tips to help you learn how to whip up some awesome results and blend like a pro.

10 Smoothie Making Tips

1) Get Creative Using Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are a staple for many fruit smoothie recipes. But why dilute the yummy fruit and produce with water? Instead, make ice cubes for your smoothies from a liquid that will add flavor.

Use coconut water, fruit juice and even herbal teas as excellent alternatives to water which can be frozen just as easily and make perfect ice cubes.

2) Wash Your Blender Right Away

Okay, so I agree that cleaning the blender is not an enjoyable part of the smoothie making process. However, the longer you leave it, the harder it gets.

Most puree will take just a few minutes to clean out of the blender while it’s still moist. Now if you get lazy and leave it to harden, it’s a much more difficult and yucky task.

Most likely, you will need to let it soak and apply some scrubbing. This is not ideal if you want to keep your blender in great condition for a long time, not to mention keeping it sanitary.

I strongly recommend that you clean your blender as soon as you’re finished blending, regardless of how much you may not feel like it.

Certain blender brands like Vitamix and Blendtec make cleaning super easy amd painless. So if you don’t have either one of those and you despise cleaning your blender, you should look into upgrading to one those.

3) Experiment by Adding Herbs & Spices

Consider adding herbs or other spices. These can be a fantastic way to boost your smoothies with extra flavor and even nutrition. Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg work well in most fruit smoothies.

However, you might prefer green herbs and hotter spices when you are making veggie based or green smoothie.  It all will depend on what the other ingredients are.

4) Avoid Overfilling Your Blender

I know this probably sounds like common sense but I often see that many people do pack their blenders to the brim. If you are guilty of this - QUIT DOING THAT!

This just leads to the lousy texture resulting from uneven, poorly blended smoothies.

To attain the best result, you should always leave a small air space at the top of your blender. By doing this you’ll be assured of getting a more consistent and evenly blended smoothie.

5) Consider Your the Calories

Another mistake I find that many people make when blending up their smoothie is having a focus on just the healthy, natural aspect of it while totally forgetting to check the overall calories they contain.

Even though smoothies can be very good for you and often contain high levels of health boosting nutrients, the calories can really add up fast if you don’t pay heed to them.

So keep track and roughly calculate the total calories in your smoothie. If you fell the calore count will be too high, switch out some ingredients for ice cubes.

6) Add Ice in Last

When you add ice into the blender jug first, it will usually become over blended and make your smoothie watery instead of thick and slushy.

Instead, add the ice in last.  Thise way the ice gets nicely chopped and the smoothie becomes thick and frosty. Yum!!!

7) Make it a Slow Start

If your blender has variable speeds, begin by using the lowest one then slowly bump the speed up to high.

If yours in not a variable speed blender, start with pulsing and blend your smoothie in short bursts. By doing this, you will also prevent excessive air bubbles from forming in your smoothie.  

It will also allow for all the ingredients to be processed more evenly and efficiently.

You can make life easier and smoothies smoother by using a high quality blender like a Blendrec Designer 725 or pretty much any Vitamix.  Some of them even have pre-set programs to make perfect blending a breeze. 

8) Use Just Enough Liquids

You really don't need a lot of liquid to be added into your smoothie, espcially if you are using ice and very juicy fruit.  Although juice or milk can be a nice addition to your smoothy, just use them sparingly.

You can always add more liquid if it is too thick but once it’s too thinned down, it's too late to go back.

9) Add a Range of Ingredients

Although you may lean towards using the same favorite ingredients, blending up the same old mix every single time is not only boring, it's also limiting your nutritional benefit.

So think about blending up a variety of ingredients each time to give yourself a mixture of fiber, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, healthy fat and protein. This approach will pack more of a nutritional punch and also allow you to enjoy a wider range of delish smoothies.

10) Stick with Organic Fruit

Organic fruit is typically more expensive than the non-organic option, but the extra cost is well worth it for certain kinds.  

Thicker skinned fruit like banana don't need to be organinc.  

But do stick with organic berries and thin skinned fruit like apples, peaches and pears.  

Not only will your smoothies taste better but they also contain more nutrients without the harmful chemicals.  Of course that means they’ll provide you with a much greater health benefit too.


The smoothie making tips in this article may sound simple but they make a huge difference when it comes to the consistency, taste, nutritional value and flavor of your smoothie.

So the next time you grab your blender, make sure you read and follow these tips and make your best tasting smoothie to date.