Best Blenders for around $200 in 2017

This $200 or less price category for best blender was a really challenging one to complete. Not because there are so many to review -- it's the exact opposite.

There simply aren't that many which fall into this price category.

3 Best Blenders for Around $200


Performance  1400 Watt

Ninja Auto iq review

1400 watt motor

64 oz Jug 

7 Year Warranty

Not Dishwasher Safe

Metal Drive System

17.5" Tall 

Made in China

Regular Price $279.99

​565+ Reviews left by Purchasers


Hemisphere Control

best under 200 blender

750 watt motor

48 oz Jug

1 Year Warranty

Dishwasher Safe Jug 

Plastic Drive Shaft


Made in China

Regular Price $299.99

​970+ Reviews left by Purchasers



1800 watt motor

64 oz Jug

5 Year Warranty

Not Dishwasher Safe

Metal Drive Shaft

19" Tall

Made in China

Regular Price $199.99

445+ Reviews left by Purchasers

Read on to discover more details for each of these blenders, including their respective pros and cons.

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender



  • ​Excellent 5 preset programs
  • Great at making smooth smoothies
  • Grinds coffee exceptionally well
  • Jug is easy to lock onto base - even if you are left-handed
  • Jug is dishwasher safe
  • Fairly quiet when compared to most other blenders
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Automatic Pulse feature

Good Housekeeping Rated it:

CNET Rated it:

  • Only a 1 year warranty
  • Tomato sauce leaves small stains at bottom of jug
  • Lid should be hand-washed and not put into dishwasher
  • Complaints from users that it fails to perform well after 2 years of daily use
  • Plastic drive shaft prone to early failure

Oster VERSA Pro 1400 Blender



  • ​Convenient 3 preset programs
  • Variable Speed Dial
  • Tamper to help process difficult ingredients
  • 2 Recipe books with nutrition and calorie facts
  • Easy to lock jug onto base
  • All metal drive sytem for long lasting reliability
  • 7 Year Warranty

Good Housekeeping Rated it:

CNET Rated it:

  • ​Not as good at making smoothies as the other 2 blenders
  • 7 Year warranty does NOT include the Jug
  • Does not have a cooling system to prevent motor over-heating
  • Jug cannot be washed in the dishwasher - this will damage the seal for the blade assembly

Cleanblend Commercial  Blender



  • ​Large control dial is easy to set to manual speeds
  • Commercial 3hp, 1800 watt  power
  • Makes very smooth smoothies
  • Comes with a tamper
  • Seperate Pulse feature
  • Metal drive system

Good Housekeeping Rating:

CNET Rating:

The Ellen Show:

  • Little known brand with a short track record
  • Blender jug is made of thin material
  • Very tall & may not fit under cabinets
  • Very loud
  • No presets
  • Initially runs with a burning smell that lasts a while

​Not Tested or Rated

​Not Tested or Rated

​Blended an i phone6

The choices of brands and models closer to the $300 or more range is quite a bit wider.

And the number of blenders available for around $100  and less is almost mind boggling.

So what is the best buying decision to make for a $200 blender?

Given that one of the three blenders listed has only a 1-year warranty, we don't like hte idea of spending $200 on that machine.

And in fact, almost all of the blenders in this price category do not offer better than a year!

This is bothersome.

Why not give at least a 2 or 3-year warranty when expecting consumers to spend $100 more than a 'cheapo' blender with the same 1-year warranty? 

Other than the Oster VERSA and the Cleanblend with their 5-year warranty, the other brands are not inspiring any extra confidence for the bigger price tag.

But this Oster does NOT deliver really smooth smoothies. So if that is your aim, you should avoid that blender.

Cleanblend seems to be the best buy, but...

We like the blending quality of the Cleanblend blender because it delivered smooth results that can go almost toe to toe with the expensive brands in the $400 range.

However, it sits quite tall and this might be a problem for some people.

At over 19" high, there is no way it can be set up out on the kitchen counter if it has to sit under the upper cabinets.  

Next is the issue of brand reputation.

Who is the company behind Cleanblend?

From what we have been able to find, they are made by a manufacturer (or by several different ones) out of China.

We have not been able to find a lot of info about the manufacturing of the machine or the brand's history.

But the fact remains, we just don't see a long history of glowing reviews on their products or customer service.

So it is a bit of a gamble to see how they stand the test of time in the American market. 

There is SOME piece of mind offered by buying their product on Amazon.

Since they do sell their products on Amazon, they had better maintain a very high level of service and satisfaction otherwise, they will get banned!

Plus you can protect yourself further with a 2 or 3-year Protection Plan which is offered by Amazon.

See more about that on Amazon by clicking here: Cleanblender Blender on Amazon