the 3 best blenders of 2017

Our 3 Best Blender Picks of 2017


Blendtec Classic 575

8 Year Warranty


Vitamix 7500

7 Year Warranty


Dash Chef Series

Year Warranty

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Read our expanded review about the entire line of the Vitamix Next Generation  blenders if you are considering the Vitamix 7500.

There you will discover all the pros, cons of those Vitamix models and all the typical things that blender shopper want to know. 

You might also check further into the Blendtec Classic 575 Blender to read our full review on that one, too.

This Blendtec is such an awesome choice - even though it was not our first pick for 2017.

But really, this is a very close second.  So close, it was like splitting hairs!

​Top Pick - The Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 7500
  • ​2.2 HP motor
  • Variable 10 Speed Dial
  • Pulse and Start/Stop buttons
  • 64 oz BPA-Free copolyester jug
  • 17.5″ tall (with jug on the base)
  • 9.4″ deep x 7.7″ wide
  • 7 year full warranty

Vitamix Regular Price : $529​.95

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The Vitamix 7500 is part of their G-Series (Next Generation) line of blenders. It came out in January 2013 after over 6 years of putting forth any significant changes.

What We like Best About the Vitamix 7500

Improved looks and fit!  They changed them quite a bit by creating a new, wider and lower profile. This also allows for them to fit under kitchen cabinets.

It delivers the legendary awesome results that Vitamix is known for. Including creamy, smooth smoothies.

This Vitamix blender still comes with their famous tamper rod to allow you to move the ingredients around.

The blades in the 7500 are a larger size, now 4 inches, to fit with the wider pitcher base.

This creates superior blending with the improved vortex.

This model is a little bit quieter than the C-Series Vitamix and other high-powered blender brands. 

With it's good looks, functional design, sturdy base and excellent 7 year warranty... this blender is a dynamite value.

It will serve you well for many years to come.

​Second Pick - Blendtec 575

Vitamix 7500
  • ​1575 watt, 3 Peak HP motor
  • 5 Speed Cycles + Pulse button
  • 4 Pre-Programmed Cycles
  • 64 oz BPA-Free jug
  • 15.5″ tall (with jug on the base)
  • 8″ deep x 7″ wide
  • 8 year full warranty

Blendtec Regular Price: $419​.95

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What We Like Best About the Blendtec Classic 575

This blender is just okay with the 4-side jug, but it is really awesome when you buy and use it with the Wildside jug.

The Wildside is actually a fifth side to the jug.

It's a narrow flat part located by the jug handle, and it helps to move the ingredients around to move towards the vortex.

The Wildside design is what elimintates the need for a tamper like the Vitamix comes with.

And you also do need to cut and stack your ingredients a certain way to optimize blending results - especially to acheive the smoothest smoothies.

The Wildside jug is amazing when you are making smoothies or any other blends that you want to come out really smooth.

Also, we really like that this machine comes with handy pre-sets and a touchpad interface that is both easy to use and also to keep clean.

Blendtec offers the best warranty at a whopping 8 YEARS!

That is quite impressive, as is their American based customer service.

One knock we need to point out is how loud this blender is.

If you can get over that, we are certain that you will just love this blender.





And it will perform amazingly for many, many years.

For the most blending versatility , get the Wildside jar AND the 4-side jar.  

The 4 side jar is better for:

  • making hot soups right in your blender
  • grinding dry goods like grains
  • or to make smaller quantites

​3 Third Pick - Dash Chef Series

best blenders 2017
  • ​1400 watts, 2.25 HP motor
  • 6 Pre-Programmed Cycles
  • 10 speed settings
  • 2L (67 oz ) BPA-Free Tritan jug
  • 21.8″ tall (with jug on the base)
  • 8.8″ deep x 8.8" wide
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Bed Bad & Beyond retails it for : $229​.99

Buy it for Less on Amazon in:  Black, Lime, Red or White

What We like Best About the Dash Chef Series

We like how this blender looks and feels like a high quality appliance.

It looks just beautiful on your kitchen counter.

The pre-programmed buttons are really handy. Just hit a button for puree, smoothies, soup, crush, or frozen and off it goes blending to a preset time.

It also offers manual blending if you prefer.

Many users claim that this blender makes smoothies are as velvety as a Blendtec or Vitamix.

But pay attention to how tall this blender is - and check if it will fit under your kitchen cabinet if you want it to be set on the counter.

Another point to consider is the warranty of just 1 year.

The Dash Chef warranty simply doesn't stack up to that of the Vitamix or Blendtec. So we have to question how well the life expectancy of this machine will keep up to those two.

Which Blender Will You Choose?

​Regradless of which blender you finally decide on, just keep VALUE in mind before you open your wallet.

Value has less to do with price, and mostly to do with:


With that in mind, the Dash Chef Series blender seems like a great buy - but not if you can open your wallet a little wider to dish out for one of the other two options.


It's because Vitamix and Blendtec both offer:

  • all the high-performance results anyone could ever want
  • legendary quality
  • the long, comprehensive warranty to back it all up

The Dash just does not have the same looong list of happy customers that have made those brands uber successful for decades.

So maybe it's a gamble?

Now... YOU deicde!