Is Vitamix Worth It or just Over Priced and Over Hyped?

I often get asked if buying a Vitamix Blender is worth it because some people are a little freaked out by the price tag.

vitamix worth it

This is especially true for if you are not used to buying higher end items.

So why would or should you pay (what seems like) so much for THIS small kitchen appliance when there are sooooo many other blenders out there selling for way less?

Well, consider these things..

There are loads and loads of people who easily drop a pile of cash – like $1000 or more – for the latest smartphone or designer bag without a second thought.  

Maybe that’s you!

Yet smartphones are out of date in a year or less and so is designer fashion!!!

But your Vitamix will work like a beast to make your kitchen tasks easier for the next 10 years or more.

Especially the new Vitamix Ascent with an actual 10-year warranty.

That’s substantial value, folks.

Let's not forget that in addition to longevity and hassle free ownership, your Vitamix will produce AMAZINGLY smooth results.

So doesn’t it make total sense to invest in a high-quality appliance that can make your life so much easier and healthy without the hassles you’ll have to deal with when you try to blend using a crappy product?

Time proves that higher quality products do stand out as a consumer fave in the long run.

And it most often happens that those are the pricier ones.

I can tell you that my family and I have destroyed and worn out a bunch of the standard brand blenders that you will typically find in department stores, so I wanted more of an industrial strength machine that I could literally do anything with.

I wanted a workhorse that would blend like a dream and plod on for a looooong time! Don’t you?

That’s when I began finding out what the premium brands of machines were – such as Vita Mix –  and then I started digging for as much information as I could find on them.

Looking at a fully decked out G-Series Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender I found it retails for around $700 dollars  *gasp*  when checking price on the Vitamix official web site.

But rest assured – you CAN get them for less than that if you shop around.  

So is Vitamix worth it?

My answer is Yes IFbut NO if Let me explain…

Yes if:

  • You have the money to buy the best of the best, and you will feel awful for having compromised if you don’t invest in the very best.
  • You feel you can become enthusiastic or even obsessed with the “blender-lifestyle” and you likely will if you end up buying a Vitamix.
  • If you truly do want to get into making healthier foods, drinking smoothies and making super quick & easy soups from scratch – you can get some really serious use out of this machine.
  • Also, if you begin replacing processed and prepared food with raw ingredients and make your meals from scratch – you’ll probably save money on groceries too! But even more important than that, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by improving your overall health and feeling of wellness.
  • You have an appreciation for high quality, long lasting equipment that produces superior results.

No if:

  • You’re not really going to use it more than you would any other blender for the occasional thing.
  • You don’t care if your smoothies are a little gritty.  Super smoothness is no big deal to you – you’d rather save a few bucks and live with the leafy bits, chunks & unprocessed seeds.
  • If you are just not motivated to try and make the most use out of this blender – then don’t bother. Just be real with yourself.
  • A Vitamix is not a robot – it won’t create meals without you standing there to put food into the jug and pressing the button.  It does require a little bit of initiative on your part!

Other Important Factors to Consider

The 7 year warranty. (Vitamix Ascent Series offers 10 Year Warranty… read more about the Ascent here)

Yup, it’s almost like a car warranty!

And it was made for lots of daily use.

It would be a total shame to spend hundreds on an item you just aren’t going to use – even when the quality is superb. BPA free pitcher.

The problem found with plastics that had BPA, was that it exhibited hormone-like properties that became a serious concern about its suitability in food containers.

The FDA has ended its authorization of the use of BPA in baby bottles and infant formula packaging.

But since BPA messes around with estrogen & testosterone, I’d prefer to stick with plastics that don’t contain it.

Customer service is OUTSTANDING!  This company will not hang you out to dry. They clearly stand behind their product and will right any wrong (not that they get many issues).  

You’ll be hard pressed to find any complaints about the quality of the product or their service. I think because there are so few problems, and the warranty policy is so accommodating – it makes it very easy for their customer service reps to look after their customers.

Made in America.  Vitamix has a big factory in the USA and has expanded tremendously in size just a few short years ago.

Even through economic downturns and recessions – this is one company that continues to grow and thrive through it all. Buying their product supports the economy and helps keep Americans employed.  

Can it Really be a Life Changer?

Owning this blender has literally transformed what I eat for the better.

I could not even imagine it would have changed this much… I now consume way more leafy greens, berries, fruits and even nuts thanks to my daily smoothies (yes – sometimes I have more than one in a day).

And since it can literally cook the mixture and create a soup (when you use the right setting) I love to use it to make healthy hot soups from scratch in the winter.

Since I spend time daily in the kitchen and would prefer to spend less time if possible – I wanted an appliance that could help me with that. I figured if I’m going to use this thing a lot and I want it to last almost forever.

In short, I wanted the very best one.

I don’t do many smoothie fasts; smoothies are really a part of my regular diet. And they are great for anyone living a busy lifestyle. But if it wasn’t for my Vitamix, I’d likely skip breakfast on most weekdays.

With my previous blenders, I could never get spinach or greens as finely pureed or the seeds from raspberries completely pulverized.

best green smoothie blender

Ugh!!!!!  I hate grittiness or bits of unprocessed produce in my smoothie like the one shown on the right of the picture above. Yuck!

Now, I can get the perfect silky smoothie texture in mere seconds.

My machine has a dial so I can choose the intensity, but when I want to press a button and walk away, and still get a perfect consistency, there are pre-programmed buttons that get it right every single time.

I mentioned earlier that I can make steaming hot soups right in the blender too.

It’s actually cooked by the friction of the molecules in the blender when you choose the soup setting.

I also make cold raw soups (gazpacho), smoothies, sorbets, flours, nut-butters, and purees. It’s also great to not be buying smoothies anymore because when you’re buying one from a smoothie bar, you’re paying so much money.

Consider this: If you compare buying a $6 Jamba Juice smoothie once a week, that means:

52 weeks x $6 = $312.00  


So in just 1 year, you can buy the entry-level Vitamix and after 2 years you’ve spent enough to buy one of their top end machines.

But now, when you have your own super smoothie blender, you can make all of those things yourself, and do so way cheaper & healthier!

There’s even a cleaning setting (this makes me very happy).

You just put a drop of dish soap in with warm water and the thing cleans itself. What has often deterred me from using other appliances before was the pain in the bum.

What has often deterred me from using other appliances before was the pain in the bum clean-up!

Washing this thing is actually super doable, even on a busy schedule.

Bottom Line

Yes, I do highly recommend the Vitamix if this is something that you’re willing to invest in and use on a regular basis. It actually does live up to the hype.  It’s the rock-star of blenders! In fact, it’s a favorite among rock stars and many other celebrities!!!

Best Places to Get the Best Price on a Vitamix

One of THE best places I have found to shop for a large variety of models is on Amazon. Often you will get free shipping along with the lowest possible price

Most other retailers only have a couple of different options to sell.

Amazon is a great shopping site for kitchen equipment in general.

The Vitamix official website has the most choice (but of course) but they are only selling them at the full retail price.

You will absolutely be paying the top dollar price when buying from direct form them.

So do check out Amazon and if you see a model that you like, you can always pop back over here to read my other Vitamix articles if you are unsure about which one to buy, like What is the Best Vitamix for You to Buy?

No matter which model you choose – I’d be shocked if you would ever regret owning one.