Ninja 4 in 1 Kitchen System with Spiralizer Complete Review

If you have been checking out the Ninja Mega Kitchen Systems blenders, you'll want to consider this one too.  Especially if you want a spiralizer to make zoodles and other veggie noodles.

Here you will find a complete review for the Ninja 4 in 1 Kitchen System, Blending Processing and Spiralizing (AMZ012BL).

Instead of  buying 2 or 3 expensive kitchen machines, you can pick up this Ninja 4 in 1 system that comes with the attachements you want.

This Ninja systems delivers a lot of stuff.

When you consider everything that you get with this package deal, the price is truly super affordable.

After going through this review, you'll be informed enough to decide if this Ninja Blender system is the best option for you.

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What Comes With this Ninja 4 in 1 Kitchen System?

You will get 4 high-performance attachments, and 3 different spiralizing discs to create spaghetti, fettuccine and ribbon from vegetables or fruit.

  • 1200 Watt motor in a die cast base
  • Large 72oz BPA-free Total Crushing Pitcher
  • Removable stainless steel blades
  • Auto-Spiralizer turns veggies and fruit into 3 different noodle styles
  • 4-cup Precision Processor to chop, grind, mince and blend from mixing, dough making to pureeing
  • 1 Personal 16 oz. cup for smoothies or juices 
  • Auto-iQ Technology programs that combine specific timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns to do the work for you
  • Manual Pulse function and Start/Stop
  • 40 Recipe book

Ninja 4 in 1 Kitchen System Functions

ninja review

What is Ninja's Auto-iQ Technology and What Does it do for You?

Put simply, Auto-iQ just knows what to do when you hit the desired program button.

Hit 'Chop' and it will chop.

Press 'Dough' and it will mix your ingredients to make a perfect dough.

You just add the ingredients and the unique pattern of pulsing and pausing will take place to whip up smoothies, frozen drinks, juices and more.

ninja auto iq

Auto-iQ Control Interface

You also have the option of manual control. It gives you the power to toggle between BOOST YES and BOOST NO to better control the texture of each blend.

BOOST YES will yield a smoother results.

BOOST NO offers a more course texture.

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What Users of the Mega Systems Say T​​​​​hey Liked Most

Variety of containers – people really like that this kitchen system comes with the single serve, to-go cups and bowls.

The large 72 oz pitcher is another like for making big batches of smoothies or soup.

Spiralizing attachment -  You can spiralize squash and similare veggies to make spaghetti and it works great.

Use the ribbon spiralizer to get fancy with potatoes. They turn out beautifully. Imagine them as gigantic, extra-long egg noodles. Users simply LOVE the spiralizing blades.

Removable blades – The blender pitcher is designed so that it doesn't leak from underneath, so you can remove the blades without creating a hole for food to fall through the bottom (like on some food processors). This makes it easier to scrape out your mixture.

Also, there are arrows which help guide you to proper placement of the pieces when putting the blade assembly back.

Auto-iQ Programs – The Auto-iQ preset timing is awesome and is based on the amount of ingredients in the pitcher. Generally, you should select auto iQ if the 'smoothie' ingredients are to be liquified. Use the manual pulse to allow pulp and/or for a thicker consistency.

The 'chop' setting can even be use to make a pesto-type for pasta noodles, as was reported by one user. The 'chop' program pulses 3 times. The Ninja user noted that that was chopped completely and was extremely impressed!

Excellent at making dough - You can make whole wheat pasta dough using the dough blade assembly. Many users gush about how it was the easiest pasta dough ever made. Just hit the "dough" preset button and it will auto time the process. The dough comes out perfect. Ninja also sells a dough paddle for larger batches.

Crushing ice - Ninja's are know for turning ice cubes into snow in no time flat.

Locking lid - Although this does take some getting used to, the safety lid is a good feature. A Ninja blender will not function unless you lock the lid into place properly. This feature also ensures that you won't end up splattering your kitchen (and you) with food! 

What Users LEAST Liked about the 4 in 1 Ninja System

Blades are Not interchangeable – if you want to use use the larger bowl but the dough blade, you are out of luck. It  only fits on the precision processor bowl.

However, the blades are coded by the number of points there are at the bottom of the assembly. This keeps it easy to to know what piece goes to what.

Loud – this blender is very powerful and also SUPER LOUD

Motor reliability – even if this machine does a gre with the best of them, it is all for not if the motor fails after 6 months. I found at least a dozen people who claimed the motor failed after only 5 or 6 months of use. 

Now, keep in mind that this is less than 2% of Ninja users with that issue, but it is something you should be aware of. 

Even though their warranty should cover you, it's a pain to have to deal with it.

Mold caused by food staying stuck inside the lid – You should take special care when cleaning inside the lid. There are small crevices where food gets stuck and it will mold if you fail to clean it out and dry it properly.

It's always best to rinse the lid, container and blades immediately once you are done - and then wash with warm water and soap using the cleaning brush that comes with this unit.

Never leave it to let the contents get dried out and crusty. By washing the lid and pitcher right away, mold this should not be an issue.

Removing the blades - even though there are many people who like that the blades are removable, for me, this is a pain in the rear.

Plus you really cannot wash them properly without taking them out.

Bottom Line for this Ninja 4 in 1 System

After going through all of the ratings from reviewers who have bought one of these systems, I found the average given was 4.5 stars out of 5.

That indicates a pretty high level of satisfaction

There were also many positve comments and satisfied Ninja owners.

The few negative ratings were really just totally silly... one said they did not like new plastic smell when it was unboxed... so they gave it 2 stars!!!

Another compared the smoothie texture to that of a Vitamix. Well, the truth here is that they can't be compared.

Honestly, a Vitamix or Blendtec will outperform any Ninja blender for delivering you the smoothest smoothies by a wide margin.

So if that is the most critically important thing to you - buy a Vitamix or Blendtec.

So no complaints were of any susbtance... no critcal failures of the machine - no breakges or missing parts or anything along those lines.

Final thoughts: many users reported having previously purchased a budget blender and food processor and found they used this Ninja more than they used any of their cheap kitchen appliances.

The Ninja is worth the price tag for all that you get the quality of the resutls. Most wished that they would have bought this instead of buying several cheaper appliances.

The bottom line is that this is an excellent package for you if you'll make use of the spiralizer and dough function so... go get you one!

Places to buy this Ninja 4 in 1 Kitchen System

This particular 4 in 1 system is an exclusive package only offered by Ninja on Amazon. So if you want it, go to Amazon to see the current price - click here - and get spiralzing!