Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet – Which Personal Blender is Better?

You might not be surpised to find out that the Magic Bullet and Nutribullet are actually both made by the same company, Homeland Housewares.

These two very popular units fall under the personal blender category and here they are reviewed, compared and rated.

By the end of this page, you'll know if there are any notable differences in features, capabilities, blending results and price.

This will help you to decide if one is really far better than the other for your needs.

And as someone who owns both of these blenders, I'll share with you which one I like best and use the most. It will just be my opinion, which you can take or leave!

But first... no opinions, just the facts...

Magic Bullet

magic bullet compare

250 watt motor

Plastic Socket Drive

1 Year Warranty

Dishwasher Safe

1 Blade 

4  Tall 18oz Cups

1 Short 12oz Cup

Recipe Book

Made in China

$ Low Price Range $

2080+ Reviews on Amazon


nutribullet compare

600 watt motor

Rubber Socket Drive

1 Year Warranty

Dishwasher Safe

2 Different Blades

1 Tall Cup 24oz

2 Short Cups 18oz

Recipe Book

Made in China

$ Medium Price Range $

7500+ Reviews on Amazon

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Next, we will get into details of what comes with each of thse blenders. Following that we will share info about how they each perform.

What You Get With Each Blender


  • 600 watt base unit
  • 1 extractor blade
  • 1 milling blade
  • 1 tall cup
  • 2 short cups
  • 2 resealable lids
  • 1 lip ring with handle
  • 1 regular lip ring
  • a cookbook and pocket nutrition guide

Magic Bullet

  • 250 watt base unit
  • 1 cross blade 
  • 1 tall 18oz  cup
  • 2 tall 18oz cups with handles
  • 3 lids
  • 2 lip rings
  • 10 second recipe book

There is another option, which was the only choice back in 2003 when I bought my Magic Bullet. (Yes, it's ancient... but it still works and I have used it a LOT!!!)

magic bullet 17pcs

It's a 17-Piece set (for approx. $20 more) giving you these extras:

  • flat blade (for whipping & grinding hard foods)
  • small cup
  • 2 more tall 18oz cups with handles
  • 2 more lip rings
  • 2 more lids
  • 2 vented lids

What You Can Make with a Magic Bullet

In addition to smoothies, milk-shakes and protein shakes, this little bullet blender is quite competant at making other things.

You can process guacamole, chop onions, make salsa, sorbet, grind coffee beans, whipping cream, chop up cooked chicken for chicken salad, and even make a basic pancake batter.

All in small quantities, of course!

Design and Build Quality Comparison

Pictured below are my own 2 bullet blenders.

nutribullet magic bullet

Sorry for the glare in the photo!

On the left is the NutriBullet 900, now known as the NutriBullet Pro (has 300 watts more power than the basic NutriBullet). 

The Magic Bullet is on the right. And yes, I know the logo looks very different. That's because my bullet is very old, going back to 2003.

I think I bought it the very first year these came out onto the market. It's even got less power than the currnet models (mine is only 210 watts).

But you know what?

My Magic Bullet still purrs like a kitten and I use it daily to whip my protein powder and water into smooth and frothy shake. I guess mine is 'bullet-proof'... hehehe!

The Base Units

One quick  key differences between these two blenders is easily noticed when you look at the the base units.

The Magic Bullet is much smaller. No surprise here as it contains a much smaller motor.

The blade designs are also different.

The cheapest, most basic Magic Bullet only comes with one blade assembly: the cross blades. This is suitable for making smoothies and frozen drinks. But not good for whipping cream or milling dry ingredients. You need the flat blade.

However, if you anti-up for the 17-piece set, you will get the flat blade used for whipping and milling as well as more cups and lids.

magice bullet blades

Flat Blade on the left and Cross Blade on the right

The NutriBullet has patented blade design for getting the most out of your smoothies. It breaks down and pulverizes plant stems, seeds, and skins to unlock all of the essential nutrition. It also creates cyclonic action so your ingredients combine and blend all of those nutrients.

You also get another blade called the milling blade. Much the same as the flat blade for the Magic Bullet - only this one is larger.

Final Conclusion

If all you are going to to do is blend basic protein powder shakes, then the most basic Magic Bullet is all that you need.  

That is exactly what I use it for ... every single day!

Because of it's small size, it is quicker, easier and more convenient to use than a full sized blender for that purpose. 

Why spend double the $ for a NutriBullet when they give you the exact same blending result - right?


If you want to make smoothies and more, the NutriBullet is the better way to go.

For me, ever since I got my Blendtec Classic 575, I never use my NutriBullet for smoothies.

The ultra-smooth and almost creamy texture produced by the Blendtec has led to my NutriBullet to become shelved. In fact, I should just give it away!

And I use my Blendtec 575 for many other things (soups, dough, sauces) besides smoothies. So for me, it was well worth the extra money spent.

But if that is not what YOU need a blender for, you might be well satisfied with the NutriBullet for your smoothie making. It certainly is hundreds of dollars less.

nutribullet compare


THE GOOD  - Extracts more nutrition out of fruit and vegetables for smoothies. enough power to turn ice into snow and nuts into flour.

THE BAD - This unit costs more. It can't do family sized or party sized quantilties. 

THE BOTTOM LINE      If smoothie making is the main or sole purpose, this is a better choice than a Magic Bullet or a full sized blender.

Price - we found the best price on Amazon

magic bullet compare

Magic Bullet

THE GOOD - Excellent at blending protein shakes, quickly, and easliy.  Perfect sized cups to-go. Takes up very little space.

THE BAD - Limited uses. It does not really have enough power to make great smoothies unless you stick with soft ingredients like bananas and avacado. 

THE BOTTOM LINE      This is a super choice if your main purpose if to whip up fluffy smooth protein shakes. 

Price -  we found the best price on Amazon