Nutri Ninja PRO vs NutriBullet PRO – Which Personal Blender is Better?

The Nutri Ninja Pro and NutriBullet Pro are two super popular personal blenders we review, compare and rate here.

By the time you get to the end of this page, you will be able to discern if there are any notable differences in features, capabilities, blending results and price.

And you'll be able to decide which one is the best one for your needs.

Nutri Ninja Pro

900 watt motor

21,000 RPM

1 Year Warranty

Dishwasher Safe

1 Extractor Blade 

1  Tall 24oz Cup with Lid

1 Small 18oz Cup with Lid

Small Recipe Book

7-Piece Set

$ Under 70 Dollars $

1093+ Reviews on Amazon

NutriBullet Pro

900 watt motor

25,000 RPM

1 Year Warranty

Dishwasher Safe

 1 Extractor Blade

2 Tall 32 oz Cups

2 Flip Top Lids

Large Recipe Book

13-Piece Set

$ Under 100 Dollars $

265+ Reviews on Amazon

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Next, we will get into details of what comes with each of thse blenders. Following that we will share info about how they each perform.

What You Get With Each Blender

NutriBullet Pro 13-Piece Set

  • 900 watt base unit
  • 1 extractor blade
  • 2 Tall 32oz Colossal cups
  • 2 resealable flip top lids
  • 2 lip rings with handles
  • 2 comfort lip rings
  • hardcover recipe book
  • pocket nutrition guide
  • user manual


Nutri Ninja Pro

  • 900 watt base unit
  • 1 extractor blade 
  • 1 Tall 24oz  cup
  • 1 Short 18oz cup
  • 2 fliptop lids
  • 30 recipe book
  • user manual

Nutri Ninja PRO

Design Comparison

How these Bullet Blenders Differ

With the NutriBullet Pro, you can push it down to turn it on then lock it into place and take your hands off of it to leave it to blend continuously. 

That's one cool advantage it has over the Nutri Ninja Pro, which you must push and hold down for as long as you want it to blend. 

Another advantage NutriBullet has is the larger jar size.

Thirty-two ounces allows for more cycling of tightly packed ingredients than the NutriNinja's largest 24-ounce container.

Having the extra lids and accessories that come with NutriBullet are handy as well. But those will take up a little bit more storage space.

One big difference between these two blenders is with the blade design.

The NutriBullet has patented 4-blade design to get the most goodness out of your smoothies. These blades are not pointed like typical cross-blades.

Now don't let the dullness of the blades fool you.

These blades are carefully designed to break down and pulverize seeds, thick plant stems, and even tough skins to unlock the essential nutrition you want in your smoothies instead of cutting them

They also create a cyclonic action enabling ingredients to combine better than the Ninja and blend all of those nutrients.

Lastly, the NutriBullet blade assembly has a rubber gasket which pops out so you can clean it properly.

The Ninja Bullet 4-blade cross design is nothing special. They use the standard cross-blade style of sharp and pointed blades which can get dull over time, making them less effective.

Also, their blade assembly has an intigrated seal which is concealed within a deep groove. It's an 8mm wide, 1mm thick silicone seal which is not supposed to be removed.

However, with a lot of care, it can be taken out and replacement seals can be found online if it does get damaged over time.

There are some complaints by users that the seal in the deep groove is difficult to clean and allows food to build up.

Pro Tip

Clean the jar and seal immediately after use to prevent food from drying and hardening. Otherwise, proper cleaning of the grove is difficult.

How these Blenders are the Same

Now aside from those differences listed above, the general designs of the NutriBullet and Nutri Ninja are quite similar

The mouths of the jars on both Bullet Pro machines have the same circumference, so you can fit any of the lids onto any of the jars.

Also, the blade assembly for both machines also serve as a lid to the containers.

Screw them to the top once you put in your ingredients, flip the whole thing over, and put it on the base.

Then, you can push down to pulse or push down and hold to keep it in the 'on" position.

Both blenders lack speed options.

Therefore, running them at a slower speed is not an option. This is where bigger counter-top blenders win.

The slower speeds help full-sized blenders grab and process ingredients much better on the first pass. 

When loading the jars of the NutriBullet and Ninja bullet with ingredients, you'll need to stack the biggest pieces on top.

That feels kind of weird and backwards but remember, you're flipping the container right over once you place it on the blender base. This way, the blades will hit the big stuff first once you've put it into position.

Cost Comparison

The NutriBullet Pro 13-pc system costs more than the Nutri Ninja Pro 5-pc system. The gap is around $30, but it can be even more if you look at the Nutribullet's 15-piece system

The prices you will find for both the NutriBullet Pro and the Nutri Ninja Pro are going to vary from one retailer to another. 

The nice thing about shopping online for deals and checking Amazon is that you can ususally find all the the different options on Amazon's site. Often, they offer the lowest price wihtou having to wait for it to go on sale.

And many products sold on Amazon come to you with fast and free shipping.

Quick Summary of the Good and Bad

NutriBullet pro

THE GOOD  - Extracts a lot of nutrition out of fruit and vegetables for smoothies. Large 32oz cups are great and recipe book is awesome.

THE BAD - Has a removable rubber washer which can trap food under it. It must be taken out and cleaned after each use. 

THE BOTTOM LINE      If Where making smoothies is the main purpose, this is a better choice than a Ninja Bullet Pro.

Price - we found the best price on Amazon

Nutri Ninja Pro

THE GOOD - Terrific for soft foods like non-frozen fruit or blending protein shakes. Good sized cups to-go and take up very little space.

THE BAD - Doesn't have the large 32oz cup size. Also, quite a number of users claimed it started to leak after a few months of continual use. 

THE BOTTOM LINE      This is an okay choice if your main purpose is to whip up fluffy smooth protein shakes. 

Price -  we found the best price on Amazon

Final Conclusion

If all you are going to to do is blend basic protein powder shakes with a little bit of added fruit, the most Ninja is all that you need.  

The NutriBullet Pro is much better at processing frozen fruit and hard veggies in your smoothies. You can process your smoothie fast and pop on the lid to take it to go.

It's a very competent blender falling in between the categories of best single-serve smoothie maker and the best full-size multitasker. NutriBullet proved to be the best multitasker among the single-serve blenders tested by CNET.

Both of these blenders just come with a typical 1 year warranty. However, you can take advantage of getting a super affordable extended warranty when you buy on which seems to be very popular and probably a wise option.