The Best 3 Blenders of 2016 and Blender Reviews

Are you in a hurry to find out what the best blenders are? If that's you, here are our Top 3 Blender Picks for you to check out straight away.

The 3 Best Blenders of 2016

blendtec blender



The Vitamix 5200 is our pick for BEST BLENDER. Read the full review here: Best Vitamix to Buy

blendtec blender



Although we say this one is in second place, find out why Blendtec's Total Blender is still a fantastic choice.



If you think the other 2 options are too pricey for you, we like the Ninja 1100 as the pick for Best Economy level blender. 

Be sure to read the full reviews for each of the top 3 blenders to discover their pros and cons.

Also, consider taking a moment to read our general advice (below) for choosing the blender that will fit best with your needs.

Advice for Choosing the Best Blenders

top-rated-blendersDid you have any idea that owning a high-end blender or a top performing machine can actually improve your health in addition to making your life WAY easier?  It really can.

Let’s emphasize the words Quality and Performance

Without those two things, you’ll end up experiencing frustration from poor results, and probably won’t use your blender as often and for as many different tasks as you could be.

Choose Wisely!!

But just which were the best counter top blenders on the market in 2015 and which one is THE BEST of all?

Well, the real answer really all depends on a number of different factors. I can help you with deciding which is best for YOU.

I’m always focussed on writing up reviews and information for only the top brands with the best reputation, such as:

Blendtec |  Vitamix |  Breville |  KitchenAid |  NinjaPro  | Waring


Which Blender Should You Buy?

Blender Buying Guide – Points to Always Keep in Mind:

  • what will be blended most and will a really high powered machine be needed
  • how fast do you want it to process your ingredients
  • will noise from a high powered blender be an issue
  • the amount of counter space needed and cabinet height you have
  • will many program options serve your needs better
  • your price range restrictions


What Will You Be Blending Most?

When choosing to buy a blender, first think about what you will be blending most.

In fact, it’s a really good idea to write out a list and include the kind of ingredients you will use the most often.

For example, if you will be making a lot of fruit smoothies (without ice) your needs and demands from your blender will be different that if you were using a lot of ice.

Both the power and design of a blender will come into play, depending on what your machine will process most often and what kind of results you expect.

Once you have a clear idea of this, the type of machine you will actually need as well as the features and functions you will want it to have, will become far more obvious to you.

Today’s modern blenders often offer many programs and features to allow you to tackle more tasks without owning multiple machines. Aside from blending, many will also chop, crush and even whip.

The best ones will have an easy-to-clean design along with newer safety features to prevent any mishaps.


Should You Go High-End?

Why High-End Blenders are in High Demand for a Good Reason

I know that high-end blenders might strike you as being too expensive to consider, but the amount of time and effort they can save is worth it for just about anyone. Plus the desire and expectation of getting super smooth consistencies lead us towards these higher quality machines

In fact, people have been buying them like crazy for the past few  years and this trend is growing without any signs of slowing down.

The leading high end make, Vitamix, reported a whopping 52% increase in sales during 2012 and the fever for their now iconic brand continues. It’s the choice for a great many celebrities and chefs. The name ‘Vitamix’ has even become the modern day symbol for having a really solid commitment to nutrition and healthy living.

Vitamix is to blenders is like what Apple is to smart-phones.

Even the Culinary Institute of America endorses Vitamix and they have their very own CIA Professional model built by Vita-Mix Corp.


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Any professional chef or enthusiastic home cook will tell you that having excellent tools in the kitchen will help make your time more productive while also yielding you far superior results.

A pro will tell you that having the right blender is just as or even more important than having the best set of knives. It really is a key piece of kitchen equipment.

High-end blenders, in general, have been experiencing viral sales increases and seeing Blendtec, another American made brand, hot on the trail of Vita-Mix while others are scrambling to ride this wave too.

Since blenders can start from as low as $19.99 and climb up over $700,  it’s a good idea to take some time to read up on them before buying.

After all, why throw away and waste 20 bucks if you’ll just end up being super disappointed by your choice?

Don’t be that person spending  20 bucks, 20 bucks, 20 bucks, and yet another 20 bucks to build a collection of junk! Plus, you’ve just wasted $80 in the process.

And knowing just how much will you need to spend at minimum to pick the right brand and model can become tricky with all the choices and price options out there. This is where I come in…

This is where I come in…

I want to help make your decision a smarter one.

Whether that means buying an expensive blender or more of an economy level machine, I’m not here to push you into believing your only good choices are with either a Vitamix or Blendtec.

Although both those brands make truly epic kitchen appliances – if your budget doesn’t allow for one of them at this point, I’ll also share some of the next best options.

Best Smoothie Maker

Believe it or not, this is a vital topic of discussion. Well, as far as blenders go!

If you want to achieve the super smooth, creamy and even silky texture you can only seem to get at your favorite smoothie bar – I can point you towards the right blenders.

When you can make them that good at home, you’ll probably drink way more smoothies and much healthier ones too.  They can become meal replacements and launch you towards having far more nutrition added into your diet.  The bonus with that is you’ll begin to look and feel better.

All because you have an awesome smoothie blender!


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Blender or Juicer Machine

When you don’t have tons of money to invest in buying two machines – which way do you go?

Well, you can check out my article covering the Best Juicer Blender Combo.  It also covers some things you need to know about juicing and smoothie making before you make your decision. So make sure you check it out before you


Commercial Blenders & Industrial Blenders

I have a  few important thoughts to share on this blender category. Please note that I’m focused on the best home use machines and not the truly commercial models.

The commercial and industrial blenders are intended for almost constant use. Think about Jamba Juice and how often they run their machines.

That’s commercial use and often for just a singular purpose like making smoothies or drinks.

If you are only using your blender for home use – even if it’s 3-5 times per day – I would NOT suggest a commercial blender.

It’s way overkill for you and they do not come with some of the practical features home-use blenders have.

However, the top brands we review – like Vitamix and Blendtec – do make commercial machines as well as home use and professional level blenders.

Discover Which Blender is Best for Your Needs

Bottom line, I want to help you figure out and understand what you really need, sort through what you want and finally figure out what will give YOU the best bang for your buck. That’s why I created the Ultimate Blender Buying Guide to help you make an easy and smart buying decision.

Don’t See the Blender You Want to Know About?

If you don’t find a brand or model that you were looking to read up on, please check back or send a request. I’m trying to get through all the most popular, higher end blenders first, and this will take time.

But if I get a great many requests for a particular blender, I will prioritize it.

Looking forward to sharing many great reviews, tips and guidance!