Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender Review

Vitamix continues to innovate and put out new products. The Explorian is the newest model to be introduced by Vitamix.  

It's offered at a much lower price point than their previous new model release to offer blender shoppers a more affordable way to get themselves a brand-spanking new Vitamix.

Vitamix Explorian E310

In 2017, we reviewed the all new Vitamix Ascent models. And although the Ascent blenders come with an astonishingly great 10-year warranty, they also have what seems like a steep price, with the A2300 listed at $469.95 and the A3500 listed at $619.95.

Let's take a closer look at the Vitamix Explorian E310 to highlight the good, expose any not-so-good or bad and to point out some need-to-knows before you decide if you should buy this Vitamix or cross it off of your list.

Vitamix Explorian Blender Features

  • 2 peak HP motor
  • Variable 10-Speed Control Dial
  • Pulse button provides bursts of power to chop food or knead dough
  • Includes Vitamix Tamper to move mixtures towards the blades, without having to stop and scrape the sides of the container
  • 48-Ounce jug is perfect for medium-size batches (3-5 servings) 
  • Fits easily under overhead cabinets 
  • Dishwasher safe parts on the top rack
  • Self-cleaning jug easily washes with a drop of dish soap and warm water, blended on highest speed for just 30 to 60 seconds

Where it's Made:



11" x 8" x 17"


11.5 pounds


5 Years

What Explorian Users Like Best

  • Same creamy and silky smooth texture achieved like with a Vitamix 750
  • No chunks of frozen fruit are left in smoothie
  • smile-o
    Makes perfect batters for baking & pancakes
  • Grinds seeds into flour like a dream
  • Does a great job making nut butters
  • Short container makes the E310 easier to store and use
  • Power cord is longer and on the bottom with grips to coil the cord around for neat and tidy storage.
  • Quick and easy to clean

What Explorian Users Don't Like

  • Too powerful to properly mix pastry dough
  • Lack of an 'On/Off" switch like all other Vitamix machines have
  • Larger 64 oz and smaller 32oz dry grains containers must be bought separatly
  • frown-o
    Very loud and unpleasant noise at high speeds

Need to Know about the E310

You may or may not think this is bad news, but the warranty for this new Vitamix blender is 5 years.

That is the same warranty as their S models (the personal size blenders like the S30) and it is much better than what you get with most blenders.

But it is less than the more expensive Vitamix models which have a 7 or 10 year warranty.

So although the E310 price is way lower than any Ascent model which offers you 10 years if coverage, so is the warranty length!


You can buy an extended warranty to give you 3 extra years for $75 directly through Vitamix - OR - you can get 3 years of added protection for just $25.49 or 4 years for under $50 when you buy it on 

Considering how much money you save when you buy an Explorian E310 instead of any Ascent model, paying less than $50 for 9 years of coverage is really a mega deal! Especially since all reports of the blending results are equal to the models sold at double the price of the E310.

Looks Like a Vitamix 7500?

While the Ascent model line took on a totally brand new look which was a complete departure from what any of the older Vitamix blenders ever looked like, this new Experion is a blast from the past.

In fact, the base of the unit looks a kissing cousin to the the much loved Vitamix 7500.

vitamix explorian e310

If you liked the looks of the Classic and Next Generation Series Vitamix models, chances are very good that you will appreciate the look of this Vitamix Explorian.

And while the base of thise unit takes its cue from the Next Gen Vitamix design, the blade is identical to the one used on the Vitamix Classic 5200 - another iconic Vitamix blender model. 

The reason for this blade choice is due to the jug shape.

The jug narrows near the base much more than on the Next Generation models. 

Since the E310 has more of a narrow shape near the bottom, the vortex is going to be slightly different than that of the wider jug on the 7500.

In fact, the jug is quite the same as what is found on the Classic Vitamix blenders like the 5200 pictured above beside the E310.

However, the older model has the taller jug which doesn't allow the unit to fit under the upper cabinets when it is in place.

Bottom Line for the E310 Blender

When taking into account the following details:

  • check
    Performs as good as any of the more expensive Vitamix models
  • check
    Extended warranty is very affordable if you want longer coverage
  • check
    Almost half the price of even the lowest price Ascent model
  • check
    Fits well in any kitchen and sits under upper cabinets

It seems like this new Explorian is a dream come true if you've always wanted a Vitamix but could not or just would not want to spend $469 or more to own one.

If price is what has been holding you back, hop off the fence and grab one of these! This new Vitamix model is a fantastic value.